Sunday, 9 September 2012

Giggle and Hoot (Owl) Birthday Cake - Part 4

Did I mention on top of the main cake (which was suppose to serve 50), we're making little egg free vanilla cupcakes for the kids as well?

Although I have never done it before, I know when fondant, when left to dry, they'll become nice and hard.  so the idea was to make little Hoot faces and stick them on those little cup cakes with a little vanilla butter icing.

OMG.  It took me an entire weekend to make the 40 little owl faces...

Here's a little sample I have made.. I wasn't entirely happy with his brow, though i'm quietly quite please with how the little beak was made (with a little nip of the scissors)

Did you know the collective noun for owls is "parliament"?! And when there's a "parliament" of them, you can really, almost hear the murmuring...

And it's all done! being left to dry for a few days.

looking well please on top of cupcakes on the day.  

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